Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Download God Level Patch Now! (First part now available)

Download God Level Patch Now!

Step 1: Download
- Click on this links below to bring you to the download page:




Step 2: Extract
- After downloading the zipped file, right click and extract.

Step 3: Execute
- Execute 1 by 1 the extracted files (manual patcher). This will copy the god level files to your installed directory.

God Patch Release Schedules:
1st Part release: June 23, 2010
- 620mb divided into 4 files
2nd Part release: June 28, 2010
- 180mb compressed in 1 file
3rd Part release: July 5, 2010
- 10mb compressed in 1 file

1. Where can you download these files?
- Download page links can be found through TS2 website and Forums.
2. What changes can I expect after downloading these files?
- There will be no changes in game after you’ve downloaded these files. Changes in game will be applied on the god level launch date.
3. What will happen if I jumped from 1st part to 3rd part and missed the 2nd part patch?
- It’s OK. You can still patch the parts you’ve missed since it will run even if not sequentially executed.
4. How big is the patch?
- A total of 810mb patch
5. When is the god level launch date?
- We will announce the exact date very soon.
6. Will there still be an auto-patch for those who didn’t download?
- Yes, but we encourage everyone to download the patch in advance so that you can connect and play immediately as soon as god level is launched. If you auto-patch 810MB, it will take a long while to finish.

To Download Torrent:
1. Download and Install uTorrent -->
2. Go to the link posted above and click Download.
3. Open with uTorrent
4. Download and please seed!! (meaning after you have downloaded it, dont exit uTorrent and let it seed)

To Download files from Torrent:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: