Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TwelveSky 2 High Exp & Mounts Unleashed!

TwelveSky 2 is getting bigger and better!

On December 22, players are in for a big surprise. Tons of content to explore, new items to drool over, and fun things to see. A perfect way to spend the holiday season in-game.
  • High EXP rates - your path to immortality
  • Awesome mounts - fight heroic battles in style
  • Cool costume sets - time to show off
  • Costume scrolls - enable bonus stats of your deco sets
  • Team PvP - fight other teams on GM PvP events
  • and more...
Experience all of these beginning December 22!

All you need to do is
  1. Download the patch now!
  2. Install the patch on December 22 (during server maintenance), password for the file will be announced at the website and forums on that day.
  3. After installing, run the game when servers go online
  4. Login and enjoy!

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