Sunday, November 15, 2009

TwelveSky 2 Invaded Cebu!

The TwelveSky 2 Team invaded Cebu last November 13-15 as hundreds of Cebuano Clans welcomed the Empire.

The EB Tournament was a blast when players from different worlds (Apocalypse, Bloodlust, & Tempest) and clans (Dragon, Snake, Tiger, & Sky) clashed against the might of the legendary Xiao Minghai.

Team Manigbasay of the Dragon Clan from Bloodlust server ended as the Champion team of Cebu, followed by Team Claymore of the Tiger Clan also from Bloodlust server, and Team WGScourge of the Sky Clan from Apocalypse server.

There's no stopping the rampage of the TwelveSky 2 empire...

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