Friday, September 11, 2009

Newbie Attack

TWelveSky 2
Newbie Attack
Freeplay on U-belt Cafes
September 11, 2009
10Am - 7Pm

1. Visit the any of the following cafes on September 11, 2009.

Sun Tech net café 880 N. Reyes St.
Tamaraw 882 N. Reyes St.
JCI 884 N. Reyes St.
Ledion internet Café 816 R. Papa St. Sampaloc Manila
BC Websight 845 R. Papa St. Sampaloc Manila
Nulooq internet Café 825 R. Papa St. Sampaloc manila
Gateway 854 N. Reyes St.
Frontlink 823 N. Reyes St.
SeatMate 880 N. Reyes St.

2. Register and create an account for TwelveSky 2.
3. Play TwelveSky 2 for a minimum of 2 hours / maximum of 3 hours.
4. Proceed to TwelveSky2 Booth after playing for the Pick-a-Prize Promo.

Tshirts, Lanyards, 20-card and posters are up for grab!

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